EWR in Tiszapüspöki (Hungary)


Electronic waste processing and recycling project Tisa Bishop Primary


Introducing the Electronic Waste Recycling EWR-Hungary Ltd. was founded in April 2011 year project company development plans, electronic waste (e-waste) recycling and processing of Hungary.



The company that builds an investment of 8,000 tons / year capacity processing plant, which is unique in Europe and the most complex processing of electronic waste. Adapts to the formation of mixed waste, excellent balance and very low energy secondary waste production running. The project is a significant part (about 10%) forms the subject of research and higher education, training co-creation. The investment amounts to EUR 7 million.



The management and external professionals are prepared and audited financial outlook for the project to a successful start-up euro capital investment in the property to the purchase or development of the technological equipment legyártatásához, install, the research center for the creation, and the start-up period, the first year of required assets and research fees cover is needed.



The project duration is 10 months.
This outstanding investment Tisa Bishop Iben (Szolnok) 2 acres located in areas that owned.



Elektronikai hulladékból éltető energia

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