What is electronic waste?


The computer and electronic devices are very fast growing due to the aging of equipment and components, the amount of which their holders are worthless. If such instruments and equipment are in the bin, you can go to waste in the same way. Therefore, they contain hazardous substances washed out due to rain or water into the air during combustion becomes available.


How to deal with these electronic waste?


The electronic equipment contains hazardous materials that are burning or landfilling of municipal waste treatment is not destroyed, but rather with their condition prior liberated induce harm to the environment.



How dangerous materials may contain e-waste?


Lead nephrotoxicity at a young age hinders intellectual development
Barium compounds: Very toxic. Most of them are water, acid water or in acid (stomach acid so well) dissolves and is absorbed quickly into the body getting into muscle cells characteristic acts as a poison. Symptoms include malaise, vomiting and abdominal pain, while increasing muscle weakness and paralysis.


Beryllium: carcinogenic dust, can cause muscle wasting, heart and liver.


Mercury: Very low concentrations can inhibit phytoplankton photosynthesis takes place. The natural food chain in food and the human body can take you (Minamata disease). The vapor of mercury and their compounds in both acute and chronic poisoning can also cause. The first symptoms of metallic taste in the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestinal pain, diarrhea, fainting, inflammation of the mucous membrane in the latter case, irritability, fatigue, foghullás, tremors, nerve inflammation, memory loss occurs.


Cadmium dust, fumes cause cancer and cause of Itai-Itai Japan was the disease that has caused bone lesions and usually fatal. Acute intoxication by inhalation cough, thirst. and induces pulmonary edema, chronic poisoning, etc., other severe symptoms.


PBDE: plastic compound used: adipose tissue binds persistence. Since 1972, Swedish scientists recorded by 40-fold concentration in breast milk.


Dioxin: (TCDD) is extremely strong poison, tetrachloro-derivatives of dibenzodioxins. In addition, mutagenic, teratogenic and carcinogenic material. The Vietnam War, Agent Orange defoliation using persistence as a contaminant caused severe damage to your health. The household rubbish still there chlorinated organic compounds, such as vinyl. These normal 700-800 degrees Celsius during the burning of dioxins are formed. (This is why the hazardous chemical wastes burned over 1,200 degrees Celsius).
Why is it dangerous for dioxin? Not only and not primarily because of strong poison. Rather, because unnatural, naturally lebonthatatlan practice, and a lot of animals and human beings can operate that almost kiismerhetetlenek consequences. The poisoned by dioxin treatment of any preventive or curative procedures are not.


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